Latinos for Education & Justice Organization,Inc
  • MISSION:  provide Hispanics, minorities and underserved groups leadership, educational resources, and mentorship needed to improve their quality of life and become community leaders.
  • VALUES:  mutual respect and understanding between all people through dialog, education, advocacy, civic engagement and social change.
  • HISTORY:  L.E.J.O., Inc. was founded in 2002 due to an influx of Hispanics and the need for programs to assist them in adjusting to their environment as well as providing educational programs to encourage English language development, citizenship, voter registration, parent/child learning programs, and social change.  Our history of educational programs and community involvement has demonstrated that these programs improve lives and community relationships. 
  • OBJECTIVE:  to increase the education level of the Hispanic community as well as minorities;  help students learn critical thinking skills and be inspired to take personal action;  academic achievement with the goal of accomplishing a post secondary education; reduce juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy and gang participation by engaging and empowering families with motivational learning activities.  
  • GOALS: Provide basic English classes for English language learners, basic Spanish classes for Spanish language learners, basic computer and financial literacy classes, assist Hispanics acclimate into society; citizenship; civic engagement; leadership development, responsibility and social skills by team building; increase awareness by creative thinking, decision making and problem solving; social and environmental issues for self-awareness and action; and provide visual and hands-on financial and computer education.