Latinos for Education & Justice Organization,Inc

Lejo's Ribbon Cutting.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of our board members and our staff we would like to take this moment to thank  all of the beautiful people that made our ribbon cutting and open house memorable, THANK YOU! 
We appreciate your support.

A special thank you to Gail Brown and the Calhoun Housing Authority board members for their confidence in us.
  Their $10,000 support as well as a location at the Imagination Station for LEJO indicates that they truly believe in us.
 Our goals include financial literacy and computer classes so that the residents as well as Hispanics can become self-sufficient; adult literacy; Plazas Comunitarias, a Mexico education program for Hispanics whose education was interrupted in their country; after school programs for children and youth; recycling education; health education; and advocates for Housing Authority residents. 
Another special thank you to Nance Carpet, our corporate sponsor, by providing us with $150 per month to assist the Hispanic community. 
Program sponsorship is available.

 If you are interested in becoming a sponsor,  please contact  LEJO'S office  at: 706-625-0658.